Intended use

Intended use

Intended use of the device
The device is used to monitor the blood pressure. Before you use, it can clean the device by tissue. It may be applied to the population from age 20 to age 80, for both male and female. Since the device has to sense the radial artery pulse, it must be applied to left wrist with handheld by right hand. The device can be measured anytime the users intend to do so, as long as the device is operated correctly. The measurement result (SYS/DIA/HR) is for reference only and cannot be used as diagnosis basis. Users have to consult doctors for further interpretation and treatment.

Material Used for Device
1. ECG Sensor: Electrodes touch with your skin to detect Electrocardiography signal
2. Pulse sensor: A button size sensor covered with silicone rubber to detect pulse pressure
3. Battery Cover: Remove the cover to dismantle/replace a 9V battery
4. Display: 2.4” TFT LCD
5. Bluetooth: meet the health device profile IEEE11073